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interview Machida-shi, Tokyo / June 2019

If you like the sea, flowers, nature, and vegetables, let’s enjoy the lifestyle of Japan together!

Host Family Stories

“Captain Vagabond” with his wife, Xiaoming

This is “Sasurai senntyou”, meaning “Captain Vagabond” (hereafter “Captain”) whose nickname comes from the fact that “I like enjoying myself and going fishing” and his wife, Xiaoming, who hails from China and enjoys growing vegetables in the garden of the house and cooking.

The couple, who adore nature, live in a quiet, leafy, residential area of Machida City.

Dozens of varieties of fruits, such as Chinese citrons, cherries, and raspberries, and vegetables, such as pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, coriander, and watercress, are lovingly reared and cared for by Xiaoming.

“We want to enjoy the Japanese way of living with our guests.”

In the home of the Captain, who said the above words, you can enjoy cooking classes with the vegetables harvested from their garden, go out sightseeing with the couple, and enjoy the experience of interacting only possible at a homestay.

The house is located approximately one hour on foot from either of the closest stations, but you don’t need to worry as the Captain will pick you up and drop you off with his car free of charge.


Tsurukawa station, Odakyu Line (Station Numbering: OH25)
Fuchinobe station, Yokohama Line (JH 25)

About 35 minutes from Shinjuku on the Odakyu line
About 30 minutes away by Yokohama line from Shin-Yokohama where you can change on to the shinkansen (bullet line) trains

You can enjoy fishing and shell gathering in the sea, viewing flowers of the season, and going to hot springs or ski resorts, and more

The first floor contains a kitchen, living room, and bath that is shared between guests and hosts.

There are three guest rooms on the second floor (one Japanese style, two western style). It can accommodate a total of eight people.

Host Family Stories

Japanese-style guest room

Host Family Stories

Western-style guest room

There are a wide number of things that guests can experience in the home of the Captain and Xiaoming.

Captain: My favorite thing is to take the boat out into the sea and enjoy fishing and collecting shells. I think that tourists would not normally go out on their own to go fishing, so it is a rare thing to be able to guide them. When the weather is good, it is fantastic to be able to gaze at Mount Fuji while fishing.

Beautiful flowers are blooming here and there, depending on the season, and we really like going to look at the flowers. We also both really like hot springs, so we enjoy going to day spas, and skiing in Nagano in the winter.

When requested by our guests, we are happy to take them to a wide range of places.

Xiaoming: We hold cooking classes together in our home. It is a mixture of Japanese food and Chinese food using vegetables grown in the garden.

There is both food with a Chinese-style flavor, as well as my husband’s fish dishes. It is really enjoyable to make and eat delicious food together.

Host Family Stories

The Captain will teach you about cooking fish

Host Family Stories

In the cooking classes, you will use many vegetables taken from the garden.

You are missing out if you just visit tourist sites, go shopping, and go to restaurants!

The Captain, after watching his older sister, who lived for 20 years in England, run a B&B (bed and breakfast) in the suburbs of London, thought that if people in Japan allowed others, on a casual basis, to stay in their homes the opportunities for interaction would increase.

Then, when it was determined that the 2020 Olympics/Paralympics would be held in Tokyo, he decided to invite people to stay in his home “while I was still young enough”.

The Captain and Xiaoming say that they want many different kinds of guest to come so that they can interact with them and enjoy the nature of Japan together.

If you are looking for an experience you can only get with a homestay, come stay with them who love looking after their guests!

Host Family Stories

We look forward to you coming to see our wonderful vegetables and fruits!

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