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interview Minamiboso-shi, Chiba / June 2019

Fresh Fish and Hospitality!
English-speaking Fisherman at “Fisherman’s house Araking”

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“Fisherman’s house Araking”, the home of Kochan, a fisherman who loves the sea, fish, and fish dishes, is in the City of Minami-Boso, the Southernmost tip of the Boso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture.

This is approximately two hours from Tokyo station on the highway bus.

You can enjoy taking in the sea breeze while looking out over the expansive ocean, a feeling you will never get in the City. The sensation you get is one of arriving at a completely different world, completely separated from the tourist spots overflowing with people, and the urban bustle.

Kochan used to work as a salaried worker in the City. However, attracted by the natural beauty of Minami-Boso, he came to love the area, stating “I feel completely satisfied here without going to the city or overseas.”

Kochan’s place is perfect not only for people from overseas who wish to experience a local Japanese coastal town, but also for Japanese people who live in areas without the sea.

The guest room in which four people can stay is spacious and comfortable, including a refrigerator, a TV broadcasting Amazon Prime Video, and even a massage chair.

In the garden, you can enjoy a barbecue on the handmade wooden deck and have a relaxing time in the open-air bath.

This is “Fisherman’s house Araking”, where you can enjoy not only fresh fish dishes, but also surfing, and flowers in full bloom.


15 minutes’ car ride from Chikura station, JR Uchibo Line (free shuttle service available)

Approximately two hours from Tokyo station on the highway bus “Nanohana-go”

* Take the bus from the Yaesu exit of Tokyo station, and get off at either Chikura station (about 2 hours from Tokyo) or “Shiokaze-Okoku” about 10 minutes further along.
Kochan will pick you up from either bus stop.

If you come from Tokyo station to Chikura station using the Japan Rail Pass, it takes about 2.5 hours (you will need to change trains on the way).

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On the ceiling of the guest room is a light made out of driftwood

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Enjoy your open-air bath time!

Enjoy eating fresh raw fish with his lessons on how to cut and serve the fish

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Raw fish is hugely popular with guests visiting from abroad.

“Just cut” fish are the most delicious ones you can eat, and it is unusual to be able to eat such fresh fish even at restaurants or from the supermarket.

Kochan:I cut the fish I have caught together with my guests, and eat them either raw as “sashimi” or baked as “yakizakana”.

We can also barbeque them on the wood deck in the garden. They are so fresh and really delicious!

The lessons on cutting fish by Kochan start from the basics of how to hold the kitchen knife, so even beginners can feel relaxed in joining the class.

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Lesson on cutting and serving mackerel as “sashimi”.

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When it is cold, “nabe” stew is highly recommended.

Kochan:Usually, when requested by the guests, I go out sightseeing with them or take them out to dinner in the evening. They can travel around the local area on the bicycles we loan them or the rental cycles that can be borrowed at the station.

When I have time, I am also able to take them to places that are further away, so if there is something that you would like to do, please just let me know!

When the ship arrives, there is a small private lodging. That is my dream.

Minami-Boso, unlike famous tourist spots, is a place where not many people from abroad have visited.

Enjoy the slow life of Minami-Boso where, despite having nothing there, is filled with countless attractions!

Host Family Stories

I’m eagerly waiting your visit!

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