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interview Noda-shi, Chiba / June 2019

We want to give Noda City a boost!
A DIY House where interaction between the locals and guests begins

Host Family Stories

(from left) Asami and Nami

Nami and her partner, Asami, started welcoming in guests to their home from April this year (2019).

Through their respective times spent overseas, they both felt that they wanted to support people who were not used to the Japanese way of living, and so decided to start up a homestay in Nami’s hometown of Noda City.

It was one year ago that Nami, who loves DIY (Do It Yourself, home-made), purchased a house in this area, and started to build her ideal home.

This is the story of two new hosts who started their activities based on the desire to not only welcome people from abroad but also to enliven the local area by creating a place where guests could interact with local people.


5 minutes’ walk from Nodashi station, Noda Line (Tobu Urban Park Line), Tobu Railways (Station numbering: TD 17)

Approximately 50 minutes to one hour by train to get to Akihabara or Asakusa.

I’d like to return the favor I received abroad to people coming to Japan from overseas.

I want to create interaction between guests and the local people

Nami: Noda, in terms of location, is neither here nor there. People commute to Tokyo, but it is certainly not that close, and could be thought of as the countryside. However, I want to look for the advantages in this and communicate them to people and enliven the local area.

There are a large number of elderly people in the area and the first thing I want to show them is that “foreigners are nothing to be scared about”. Nothing can start unless there is interaction between people, so I wanted to start homestay-type lodging.

We are thinking of organizing activities that will give Noda a lift. For example, preparing a program for guests from abroad who would like to experience rice field planting, as well as making opportunities for interaction with the local people.

They provide not only lodging but support for their guests and interaction with the local people.

Experience a memorable homestay at the continually evolving home of Nami and Asami!

Host Family Stories

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