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3 reasons why you should choose homestays in Japan


October 14, 2020

Does a “convenient” trip give you the best experience?

From booking flights and hotels to buying tickets to museums, smartphones made our basic travel bookings easier than ever.

We pass through unmanned immigration gates at the airport and use automatic check-in machines to access our hotel rooms.

We don’t need to ask someone for directions anymore because the map app is always there to navigate us when we get lost.

With the exception of really simple conversations at restaurants and such, people can now travel without communicating with local people.

But think about it!
Is that “convenience” giving you the best travel experience?

Visiting famous tourist sites, dining at restaurants and shopping . . .
That can be exciting too, but don’t you ever feel that interacting with locals gives you the best kind of memories?

Valuing physical interaction in the digital era.

If you’re hoping to make your trip to Japan about meeting local people, homestay is your perfect choice.
Stay at a one-of-a-kind place that’s not listed in the guidebooks, experience the local life, and spend an unforgettable time with your “family in Japan”.

Stay at a local home for special travel experiences that are way beyond just sightseeing.

Here are three reasons why we recommend homestay!

1.Local life experience

Homestay is the best way to see the authentic local life.

Spending time with a host family offers a “real-life” experience and insight into the culture.

Local supermarket and popular ramen shops.
Beautiful sunset view and a small river with dancing fireflies.

Immersive experiences and discoveries that typical tourist attractions can’t offer.
Homestay will give you access to the kind of information you can’t find on the internet.

Take a walk from the station or explore the neighborhood with your host family, to indulge in your local “hometown”.

2.Reasonable accommodation fee

Japan has become a highly popular travel destination over the years.

The number of inbound tourists in Japan has increased about 4 times in the last decade and is expected to further increase.

As more tourists come, more hotels and guest houses became available, but rooms are still in short supply and fees tend to rise especially during high seasons like spring and autumn.

Surprisingly, a hotel stay that normally costs 8,000 yen per night, can cost more than 30,000 yen when there is a major event!

On the other hand, homestay accommodation can be pretty affordable.

In addition to the fee, another benefit of homestays is that in many cases, you get to share a spacious living room or parts of the house with the host, giving you much more space than hotel rooms can.

Plus, don’t forget. Homestay comes with an enriching and engaging experience with the local host family!

3.Your family in Japan

The greatest part about homestays is perhaps the connection you get to make with the local host family.

Host families are hoping to welcome guests from all over the world to their homes and interact with them. Being welcomed like a family member in a foreign country is truly a unique and incredible experience.

Cooking local dishes, visiting tourist attractions or sharing stories . . .
Each night you spend together with your host family will give you memories of a lifetime.

If you are visiting Japan for the first time, your host family will help you with communication, as well as understand the local customs and lifeways.

Homestays allow you to build a connection with the host family that could last a lifetime.

This is your chance to make your travel experience one of a kind!

While there is so much more that homestays can provide, NiaHomes and our host families welcome travelers from around the world.

Discover your dream homestay today!

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