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Have you ever..

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    Tried to meet and interact with locals while traveling

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    Hoped to get in touch with the local culture and explore life as a local

  • but ended another trip just sightseeing?

NiaHomes got you all covered!

all covered!

with locals

Authentic local


NiaHomes introduces homestay-style accommodation (Shared-living/Interactive type) where travelers can interact with the host family.

It’s more than just accommodation but offers so much more including connection with locals and authentic local experiences.

Our host families are excited to welcome you into their homes with the warmest hospitality.
Homestay accommodation can be booked from as short as one night.

Find your “Only One” unique experience and begin your adventure in Japan with NiaHomes!

Homestay Experience with NiaHomes

There are two types of homestays you can search at NiaHomes:

  • 1Shared-living type

    The host family lives in the same house as the guest for the duration of their stay.

  • 2Interactive type

    The host family resides at a property nearby, while maintaining their availability to interact with guests on a daily basis
    (e.g. when they live next door or another house on the same premises).

* We do not call it a “homestay” if guests meet the host family only when checking-in or checking-out, or if there is no direct communication between guests and host families.


How NiaHomes started

Why are most pictures on private accommodation websites, just of guest rooms?

Oftentimes, what we remember the most from our travels are the people we meet there.
And staying at a local home can be the best way to get to know local people when traveling.

Homestay isn’t just a cheaper alternative to hotels.
You meet the hosts who are willing to welcome you into their homes with the warmest hospitality.
You can also experience authentic local life as locals do.

Away from the usual tourist traps and guidebooks, doing grocery shopping at a local supermarket, or talking about songs you like with your host – surprisingly, those small things can give you the best travel experience ever.

I myself love to travel and have two special families that I made by doing a homestay outside Japan.
They are families that I wouldn’t have been able to make from the “typical traveling”.
I also have great memories of meeting locals inside Japan by staying at their homes.
Homestays allowed me to build a connection with them that lasts a lifetime.

Now it’s my turn to help my fellow travelers access amazing experiences in Japan.

It is a bit difficult to become close with locals when traveling, especially in a country like Japan, but homestay makes it a lot easier to interact with locals.
I thought, shouldn’t there be a website where we can easily book a homestay just like you book a hotel?
That was the start of NiaHomes.

You don’t have to spend hours to find “real homestay” accommodation among listings with pictures of guest rooms only.
You see real people and real hospitality here.

A homestay is where you can experience an encounter, not the place just to stay.

The equipment and services might not be the luxury hotel class, and it might not be the best location, but the homestay has its own excitement that you cannot experience in any other accommodation.

As a guest, or as a host family, we highly recommend you to feel that groove.

Sachi Sasaki

Sachi Sasaki, your fellow travel lover and founder of NiaHomes

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